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Hire Bass Rig Sans Amp, Crown XS700 Power Amp Mark Bass 6 x 10 Cab, hire Speakers, near Alexandria
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Bass Rig Sans Amp, Crown XS700 Power Amp Mark Bass 6 x 10 Cab

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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Step up your bass game with our top-of-the-line Bass Rig, featuring the SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver DI, Crown XS700 Power Amp, and Mark Bass 6 x 10 Cabinet. This rig is the ultimate solution for bass players seeking depth, power, and versatility in their sound. **Bass Rig SansAmp**: The Tech21 SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver DI is exceptional for its tonal versatility and distortion capabilities. Offering three programmable channels, this preamp allows bassists to conveniently toggle between saved settings, tailoring their sound to different songs or styles. The unit is equipped with ergonomic controls including Drive, Bass, Treble, Presence, Blend, and Level, for extensive tone shaping. Compact in size, the SansAmp fits effortlessly into any rig setup. **Crown XS700 Power Amp**: This powerhouse amplifier provides various power output levels to match any performance needs, boasting up to 900W per channel at 2 ohms and 1,645W in bridge mode at 8 ohms. Built with an all-steel chassis and an effective forced-air cooling system, the XS700 ensures reliability and performance, even during the most intensive usage. Precision-detented level controls offer meticulous volume adjustments, while the straightforward power switch makes operation a breeze. **Mark Bass 6 x 10 Cabinet**: This hefty cabinet features six 10-inch speakers, ensuring that your bass tones are loud, clear, and full. It’s designed to handle high power without losing audio clarity, making it suitable for large venues. Despite its sizeable output capabilities, the cabinet remains relatively easy to transport and set up due to its thoughtful design and positioning of handles. Ideal for both live performances and studio sessions, this comprehensive Bass Rig setup is designed to deliver robust, dynamic bass sounds capable of cutting through any mix. Perfect for a bassist looking to make a significant impact, it offers the reliability and sonic quality required by professionals in varying musical landscapes.




March 2023

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