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Elevate your event with the IPOD Pumphouse Party Pack, your ultimate solution for high-quality audio at any party or gathering. This premium package comprises everything you need to set the mood and keep your guests entertained with crystal clear sound. **Included Components:** 1. **2 x JBL EON 515XT Speakers**: These powerful speakers are renowned for their exceptional sound quality and reliability. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, they ensure that every note is heard in pristine clarity. 2. **Power Dynamics PDM-M604 6 Channel Mixer**: This state-of-the-art mixer comes equipped with multiple channels and effects, including Bluetooth connectivity for seamless streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Whether you’re a professional DJ or a novice, this mixer caters to all levels of expertise. 3. **1 x 3.5mm Aux Cable**: Connect any audio device effortlessly using the included aux cable. Ideal for devices without Bluetooth functionality, it ensures you can play music from virtually any source. 4. **2 x Speaker Stands**: Position your speakers optimally with these sturdy stands. Adjustable and secure, they provide the perfect height for maximum sound dispersion. 5. **Essential Cables and Accessories**: All necessary cables and extension cords are included, ensuring a comprehensive setup without the need for additional purchases. **Functionality Meets Flexibility:** This package not only delivers on sound quality but also offers unparalleled flexibility. With the ability to stream music from popular platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music directly via Bluetooth, you can enjoy a vast array of musical genres without the hassle of traditional setups. **Perfect for Any Event:** Whether hosting a birthday, wedding, or corporate event, the IPOD Pumphouse Party Pack is designed to meet all your audio requirements. Its robust configuration ensures that everyone at your event enjoys a memorable auditory experience, making your occasion a standout success.




March 2023

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