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Shure Antenna Package



Middle Swan, WA, Australia
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Shure Antenna Package Hire Add a Shure Antenna Package to your next AV Hire to increase your signal strength and stability for your wireless microphone products. The Shure Antenna Package comes with everything you need to plug and play. Shure UA874WB Active Directional Antenna UHF 470-900MHz Wideband Shure Bias-T Inline 12 Volt Power Adaptor (For use with passive receivers without a 12V output) Microphone Stand 7.6m Shure 50 Ohm Antenna Cable 15cm Shure 50 Ohm Antenna Cable For active receiver inputs (with 12 Volt output) Mount the shure antenna paddle on top of the microphone stand and point it to where you intend to use the wireless microphone. Then connect the 7.6m Shure 50 Ohm cable from the receiver input directly to the Shure antenna paddle output. Note: the Shure Bias-T Power supply is not required when using the paddle kit with an active microphone receiver that has an internal 12 Volt power supply. For passive receiver inputs (no 12 Volt output) Mount your Antenna on top of the microphone stand and point to where your microphone will be used. Then connect the short 50 Ohm cable from your receiver to the Bias-T RF connector. Following this, connect the long 50 Ohm cable from the antenna to the RF + Power output on the Bias-T. Finally plug in the Bias-T power supply. There you have it, a strong, reliable and stable RF Signal. The Shure Antenna Package is perfect for use with Morrina’s Shure Wireless Microphones and Lapel Microphones.