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Hire Shure Drum Microphone Package, hire Microphones, near Middle Swan
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Shure Drum Microphone Package

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Morrina AV Audio Hire

Middle Swan, WA, Australia

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Capture the essence of your performance with our professional Shure Drum Microphone Package. This comprehensive kit is designed specifically to deliver high-quality sound reproduction for a variety of drum types in any live setting. Ideal for bands, stage shows, and studio sessions, this package caters to all your acoustic needs with precision and reliability. Included in this tailored set are one Shure Beta 52A kick drum microphone and three Shure SM57 microphones, renowned for their durability and clear sound quality. The Beta 52A is optimised for low-frequency performance, making it perfect for capturing the deep impact of kick drums, while the SM57 is a versatile choice for snare and tom drums, known for its ability to handle high sound pressure levels with ease. To ease the setup process, the package also comes with three drum mounts. These allow for quick, secure mounting of each microphone to different parts of the drum kit, ensuring stable and optimal placement. For convenience, the set includes XLR cables to facilitate direct, professional sound connection to any sound system or mixer. Transportation and storage are made effortless with a durable carry case. This ensures that each component of your microphone set remains secure and protected between uses, whether on the road or in storage. Whether gearing up for a gig, recording in the studio, or amplifying sound at an event, this Shure Drum Microphone Package is an essential tool for achieving first-rate audio results. Elevate your drum sounds with this meticulously assembled microphone kit, promising to amplify your performance to its highest potential.


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