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Hire Hartke HA3500 350Watt Bass Head, hire Miscellaneous, near Alexandria
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Hartke HA3500 350Watt Bass Head

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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Take your bass playing to new heights with the Hartke HA3500 Bass Amplifier Head, a powerful and versatile choice for musicians seeking to elevate their performances. The Hartke HA3500 features a unique hybrid amplifier system that combines the warmth of valve sound with the reliability and precision of solid-state technology. This 350-watt powerhouse delivers clear, potent bass tones suitable for a variety of musical settings. This unit is equipped with both active and passive input options, catering to different bass outputs without the need for an adaptor. The amplifier features a tube and solid-state preamp section, allowing players to craft their perfect sound by blending the warmth of the tube with the clarity and punch of solid-state. Studio and stage performance is further enhanced by a high-quality, onboard compressor that helps maintain the integrity of the sound even at high output levels. For finer tone sculpting, the amplifier includes a detailed 10-band graphic equaliser, giving performers control over a broad spectrum of sound frequencies, most pivotal in live and studio environments. Connectivity is versatile with the HA3500, which includes two 1/4" speaker outputs, an effects send and return loop to integrate outboard effects seamlessly, and a balanced direct output ensuring direct connection to PA systems or recording consoles without losing tone quality. The Hartke HA3500 is built to slot easily into a rack setup, making it an excellent option for touring musicians. Its durable construction and professional-level features make it a reliable and compelling choice for bass players looking to make a mark with their sound.




March 2023

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