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Active Speaker Box - HK LNR5-115XA

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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Discover the power and precision of the HK LNR5-115XA Active Speaker Box, an exceptional choice for any event demanding superior sound quality. This robust 2-way speaker system features a powerful 1000w RMS capability coupled with a 15-inch driver, ensuring that your audience experiences clear, undistorted sound across a range of atmospheres and settings. One of the standout features of the HK LNR5-115XA is its impressive peak SPL of 139 dB at 10% THD, measured in halfspace. This speaker is crafted to deliver loud, clear audio output without sacrificing quality, making it perfect for both front of house duties and as a standalone unit. It incorporates an innovative asymmetrical horn that can be rotated, providing a variable dispersion pattern of 60° to 90° horizontally and 55° vertically. This adaptable horn design makes it exceptionally versatile for directing sound accurately in different venue sizes and shapes. The durability of the HK LNR5-115XA is unmatched, thanks to its rugged hybrid housing made from birch multiplex and MDF, ensuring that it withstands the rigours of on-road use and frequent setups. The design also includes two separate input options, adding flexibility for different audio sources or linking multiple units together. To further enhance its usability, this speaker comes with an EQ switch that allows you to toggle between High Power and Small Venue modes, optimising sound performance according to the environment. Whether planning a large-scale concert or an intimate gathering, the HK LNR5-115XA adapts effortlessly to your audio needs, delivering exceptional sound clarity and power every time. Choose this speaker system for a reliable, high-quality audio solution that you can trust for all your events.




March 2023

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