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Hire Hartke 350Watt Head + Laney 4x10 Bass Rig, hire Speakers, near Alexandria
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Hartke 350Watt Head + Laney 4x10 Bass Rig

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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Enhance your bass playing experience with the robust Hartke HA3500 Bass Amplifier Head paired with the efficient Laney 4x10 Bass Quad Speaker Cabinet. This pairing delves into a realm of quality sound production suited for a diverse array of performance needs. **Hartke HA3500 Bass Amplifier Head:** This unit packs a considerable punch with 350 watts of output power, ensuring your bass lines cut through on any stage. It supports both active and passive inputs, making it highly adaptable to any bass guitar. The hybrid preamp offers the warmth and richness of tubes along with the reliability and precision of solid-state components. A built-in compressor provides all-important control over your dynamics, enhancing the sustain and smoothness of your tone. The 10-band graphic EQ allows for minute adjustments to the sound profile, letting you sculpt your tone to absolute precision. Dual 1/4" speaker outputs offer versatile connectivity, and the onboard DI output makes it perfect for studio sessions or direct feed to a PA system. **Laney 4x10 Bass Quad Speaker Cabinet:** Complementing the amplifier, the 4x10 speaker cabinet offers a substantial 250 watts power handling capability. Its design features four 10-inch speakers that produce a tight, punchy bass response with clear definition. The cabinet’s low impedance of 4Ω allows for maximum power draw from the amplifier, which results in louder and fuller output. This combination not only delivers powerful bass tones but also provides extensive tone shaping and performance flexibility. Whether you are rehearsing, recording, or performing live, this setup promises to meet high standards of clarity and power. The ability to fine-tune your sound with precision, coupled with robust build quality, makes this bass rig an excellent choice for bassists who demand reliability and control over their sound environment. Whether playing jazz, rock, or funk, the combination offers top-tier performance capabilities to enhance your musical expression.




March 2023

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