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Hire Blackstar ID Core 150 Guitar Amplifier, hire Speakers, near Alexandria
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Blackstar ID Core 150 Guitar Amplifier

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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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The Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 150 stands out as a formidable digital guitar amplifier within the ID:Core High Power series, designed to blend high-performance wattage with a compact and easily transportable structure. With a powerful 150-watt output, this amplifier is ideal for a broad spectrum of live, practice, or studio applications, ensuring robust sound delivery in any setting. This versatile unit boasts a wide array of inputs including a standard guitar input, an MP3/Line input for seamless connection to external audio sources, and a USB input for direct interface with computers and other digital devices. The user has extensive control over the sound with features like 6 distinct voice controls ranging from clean to overdrive, a comprehensive 12-effect module enhancing tonal diversity, and a tap tempo control for precise adjustment of time-based effects. Additionally, the ID:Core Stereo 150 is equipped with Blackstar's patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature), which allows musicians to finely tune the tonal output ranging from American to British sounds, providing immense adaptability in sound crafting. For guitarists looking to experiment further, the looper function for endless looping and an octaver that adds a new dimension of octave effects are indispensable tools. Physically, the amplifier maintains a lightweight at just 12.5 kilograms despite its robust output, and with dimensions of 573 mm x 447 mm x 241 mm, it is conveniently portable. This combination of high-tech features and practical design makes the Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 150 an excellent choice for guitarists who require a powerful, feature-rich amplifier that is both functional and easy to transport to various events and gigs.




March 2023

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