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Blackstar HT 412 Quad Box

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Stage Door Productions



Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Discover unparalleled sonic excellence with the Blackstar HT 412 Quad Box, a top-tier speaker cabinet meticulously designed to enhance your live sound experiences. Perfect for both seasoned performers and enthusiastic novices, this cabinet promises to elevate any musical performance with its superlative features and robust construction. The Blackstar HT 412 is outfitted with four 12-inch Celestion speakers, renowned for their exceptional clarity and power. These high-calibre drivers provide a combined power handling of 320 Watts, guaranteeing a sound that is both rich and impactful. With such formidable capabilities, the HT 412 is adept at delivering crisp, expansive audio that accurately captures the dynamics and nuances of any musical genre. Expertly engineered to pair with HT Venue amplifiers, this speaker cabinet ensures seamless sonic integration and optimum performance. The complementary tonal characteristics between the cabinet and the amplifiers produce a harmonious sound palette that enhances the overall audio experience. Construction-wise, the Blackstar HT 412 stands out with finger-locked (comb) joints that enhance the unit's durability while minimising unwanted resonance for a cleaner, purer sound output. This design not only improves the structural integrity of the cabinet but also contributes significantly to its sonic performance. The HT 412 sports a classic, vintage aesthetic that appeals visually in a variety of settings, from concert halls to intimate club venues. Its timeless appearance, combined with state-of-the-art sound technology, makes it a favoured choice among musicians who value both style and functionality. Moreover, the cabinet offers flexible impedance options to accommodate different setups, ensuring versatility in use: - Mono settings can operate at either 4 or 16 Ohms. - Stereo configurations are available at 2x8 Ohms. Whether you are a professional musician looking to augment your current rig or someone eager to invest in quality sound equipment, the Blackstar HT 412 Quad Box delivers on all fronts, ensuring durability, compatibility, and above all, unmatched sound quality.




March 2023

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