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Hire Blackstar HT Stage 100 Guitar Amplifier, hire Speakers, near Alexandria
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Blackstar HT Stage 100 Guitar Amplifier

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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Unleash prodigious soundscapes with the Blackstar HT Stage 100 Guitar Amplifier, a powerhouse of performance designed for serious musicians. Boasting a robust 100 watts of output, this valve head amplifier employs EL34 power valves to deliver a rich, compelling tone that can command any stage. At its heart, the HT Stage 100 features a complex preamp section with 2x ECC83 tubes for primary sound shaping and an additional ECC82 tube, enhancing its versatility and depth. This amplifier does not just amplify; it sculpts your sound. The complexity extends through to its operational features, with three footswitchable channels and an impressive six selectable modes. This allows musicians to effortlessly switch between precise, clean tones and aggressively distorted sounds, making it suitable for a variety of musical genres and styles. Whether you’re laying down crystalline chords or roaring solos, the HT Stage 100 provides the tonal palette you need. The innovative Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) allows players to navigate between the punchy, midrange-heavy tonal qualities of British amps and the slick, sharp sound of American counterparts, offering a spectrum of sounds within a single piece of equipment. The Clean Voice and Overdrive Voice switches further amplify this versatility, giving you even more control over your sound’s character. For shaping the finer details, presence and resonance controls are on hand to polish the high and low frequencies, respectively, while the built-in digital reverb adds dimension with both dark and bright settings. A speaker emulated output ensures you can connect directly to recording or PA systems without losing the nuances of your tone. Additionally, an effects loop with a level switch integrates smoothly with external pedals, rounding out a fully customisable sound setup. Every feature of the HT Stage 100 is crafted for musicians who refuse to compromise on their tone.




March 2023

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