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Hire Step Down Transformer (AUS 240V to USA 110V), hire Miscellaneous, near Alexandria
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Step Down Transformer (AUS 240V to USA 110V)

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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Ensure that your US-manufactured equipment operates seamlessly in Australian venues with our Step Down Transformer (AUS 240V to USA 110V). This essential device safely converts Australian standard 240V AC power to 110V AC, making it perfect for powering a wide range of American equipment at events—from audio systems to lighting units and beyond. Constructed with endurance in mind, the transformer features a high-quality, heavy-duty build designed to withstand the rigours of event usage. The unit is encased in a robust metal housing, providing excellent protection against the wear and tear of frequent use and transportation. Additionally, it is designed to be compact, facilitating storage and handling, and without compromising on power capacity. The transformer is equipped with multiple safety features to ensure reliable operation under variable conditions. It includes a thermal cut-out protection mechanism that prevents overheating, thus safeguarding both the transformer and the connected equipment. The sockets are constructed with pressed metal pins, enhancing their durability and ensuring a secure connection. Adopt a no-fuss approach with this transformer—simply plug in, switch on, and you’re ready to support your USA voltage equipment smoothly and efficiently. Portability is never an issue as this unit is relatively lightweight yet capable, ensuring that you can easily move it to wherever it is needed at your event. Dimensions of the transformer are 15 x 12 x 11 cms, making it unobtrusive yet effective, and it weighs only 3.25 kgs. Ideal for event professionals who need reliable, simple solutions for international equipment usage, ensuring nothing dims the brilliance of your event execution.




March 2023

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