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Hire PORTABLE POWER GENERATOR - 3.5KVA, hire Miscellaneous, near Alexandria
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Alexandria, NSW, Australia
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Fits in a Car

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Optimise your event with our reliable PORTABLE POWER GENERATOR - 3.5KVA, the perfect solution for powering a wide array of equipment from audio systems to lighting rigs. This generator offers a substantial max output of 3500 watts and a rated output of 3200 watts, ensuring you have sufficient power for even the most demanding setups. The unit's small form factor (640 x 360 x 540mm) and moderate dry weight of 41 kg make it compact and portable enough to fit comfortably in a car, simplifying transport to various event locations. Ease of use is paramount with this model, boasting features such as an air-cooled, 4 stroke, OHV, gasoline engine with multiple starting methods - electric, key, or remote - making it exceptionally user-friendly and convenient. The generator provides up to 5.5 hours of continuous operation, making it suitable for most event durations without the need for refueling. Safety and efficiency are also covered, thanks to its digital protection features, including overload, low oil, and tip-over protections, ensuring the unit operates safely under all conditions. Additionally, it operates quietly at just 58Db at 7 meters, minimising noise interference at your events. Moreover, the generator is equipped with a useful LCD that displays the current output, a 7.5L fuel tank, and additional convenience features like a 12V DC output, a 5V USB port for charging smaller devices, and remote starter functionality for effortless operation. This generator is an ideal addition to your event equipment ensemble, ensuring you always have a dependable power source that's easy to transport and set up, ready to accommodate a diverse range of event needs.




March 2023

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