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Hire 1500 Watt DMX or Sound Active Strobe, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
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1500 Watt DMX or Sound Active Strobe

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Newstead, QLD, Australia

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Illuminate your events with the dynamic 1500 Watt DMX or Sound Active Strobe, an essential for creating high-impact visual effects. This powerful lighting tool is perfect for DJs, nightclubs, concerts, and theatrical productions, offering both professional DMX and flexible sound-activated control options. This robust strobe light is equipped with a 1500 watt lamp that delivers brilliant flashes, capable of transforming any venue into a high-energy environment. With DMX compatibility, it provides precise manipulation over flash rate (from 1 to 12 Hz) and intensity, allowing users to craft the exact atmosphere desired. Besides DMX control, the strobe can operate in sound-active mode, flashing in sync with the music to produce exhilarating effects that enhance the rhythmic feel of any event. Safety is a priority with this unit’s built-in thermal cut-off switch, which prevents overheating, ensuring both longevity and reliability during prolonged usage. The unit offers ease of use with manual adjustments available directly on the device, catering to those who prefer hands-on control over their lighting setup. Moreover, the device supports linking multiple units in a master-slave configuration, enabling synchronization across several strobes without the need for separate controllers. This feature is particularly useful for creating coordinated lighting shows or extending the visual impact across larger areas. Whether you're looking to create dramatic entrances, enhance dance floors, or add an electrifying backdrop to performances, the 1500 Watt DMX or Sound Active Strobe stands as a versatile and powerful choice for all your lighting needs.




March 2023

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