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Hire LED Strobe ST1000, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
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LED Strobe ST1000

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Newstead, QLD, Australia

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Illuminate your events with the dynamic LED Strobe ST1000, a robust and high-powered lighting solution designed to enhance any occasion. This professional-grade strobe light features an advanced array of 99 x 3W CREE XP-D LEDs, delivering exceptional brightness and performance for various event settings. Crafted with superior thermal design, the LED Strobe ST1000 ensures optimal operation by maintaining efficient heat dissipation, thereby preserving the longevity and quality of the unit. With flexible control options, including DMX 1/3/4 channel operation, this strobe light adapts seamlessly to your lighting requirements, whether for synchronised light shows or spontaneous effects triggered by sound. The versatility of the LED Strobe ST1000 is unmatched, with capabilities that range from creating continuous blinder strobe effects to variable speed settings that animate the stage with energetic visuals. Such features promise to elevate the atmosphere of your events, keeping your venue lively and visually captivating. Installation is straightforward and user-friendly, thanks to its compact, lightweight design that makes it ideal for quick set-ups and adjustments during events. This ease of use extends to its maintenance, ensuring hassle-free upkeep. Key features include: - Two operation modes: DMX and Sound Active for tailored lighting effects. - Optional remote controller BF-04D enhances user interaction for effortless adjustments. - Built-in programs that react superbly to musical beats, enhancing the ambient experience. - High power factor and flicker-free performance, demonstrating its suitability for both vibrant and more intimate atmospheres. - Environmentally friendly with no mercury content and free from IR or UV radiation, promoting safer event environments. Ideal for discos, bars, clubs, and private parties, the LED Strobe ST1000 is your go-to choice for reliable, high-impact event lighting that truly makes a statement.




March 2023

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