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Alexandria, NSW, Australia
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The SMOKE MACHINE is a leading-edge fog generator, perfect for enhancing the atmosphere at any event or production. Boasting a sleek, compact design, this high-output unit integrates seamlessly with DMX controllers, facilitating tailored effects for every occasion. With its variable output control available via DMX or the inclusive timer remote, users can effortlessly manage the intensity and duration of fog release, ensuring each display achieves the desired ambience. Incorporating Always Ready technology, the SMOKE MACHINE ensures a continuous availability of fog at a moment’s notice, eliminating delays and allowing for spontaneous creativity in dynamic environments. The LED-illuminated tank not only adds a touch of style but also improves safety and operational visibility, helping monitor fluid levels and functionality during use. Safety features include an advanced fluid sensor that prevents the pump from overheating by automatically shutting off if necessary, thereby extending the life of the machine and maintaining optimal performance. Furthermore, the SMOKE MACHINE heats up remarkably quickly, meaning set-up times are minimised and you can get to creating atmospheric effects almost immediately. Ideal for stage events, nightclubs, and private parties, the residue-free, water-based fog output ensures that the venue remains clean, with no lingering mess to worry about after the event. Robust yet lightweight, this fog machine promises durability and portability, facilitating easy transportation and setup. Whether you’re looking to evoke mystery, enhance lighting effects, or simply want to elevate your event’s production values, the SMOKE MACHINE is an excellent choice, capable of delivering reliable, professional-grade fog effects at any scale.




March 2023

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