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Blackstar HT Club 40 Guitar Amplifier

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Busby, NSW, Australia

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The HT Club 40 is a versatile valve (tube) amplifier combo designed to deliver powerful and dynamic performance in club-sized venues. It's equipped with two channels and four modes, making it suitable for various musical styles and playing situations. Here are the specifications and features of the HT Club 40: **HT Club 40 Valve Combo Amp:** - **Power:** The amp provides 40 Watts of power, driven by 2x EL34 tubes, a popular choice for their punch and dynamic range. It's suitable for club-sized venues where you need sufficient volume to cut through a full band mix. - **Preamp Tubes:** It features 2x ECC83 preamp tubes (also known as 12AX7), which contribute to shaping the amp's tonal characteristics. - **Channels and Modes:** The amp offers two foot-switchable channels with four selectable modes. This allows you to easily switch between different tonal characteristics during performances. - **Speaker:** It includes a 12” Celestion speaker, which is known for its quality sound reproduction and projection. - **Tone Controls:** The amp features enhanced tone controls that allow for precise shaping of the tone to suit your preferences. - **Infinite Shape Feature (ISF):** This is a proprietary feature that allows you to shift between American and British amplifier tonal characteristics. It's a kind of tone shaping knob that can help you achieve a wide range of tonal nuances. - **Clean and Overdrive Voice Switches:** These switches enable you to switch between clean and overdriven sounds within each channel, expanding your tonal options. - **Master Volume:** The master volume control allows you to adjust the overall output volume of the amp. - **Digital Reverb:** It includes a digital reverb effect with a dark/bright switch, allowing you to tailor the reverb tone to your liking. - **Speaker Emulated Output:** This feature lets you connect the amp directly to a recording device or a PA system while emulating the sound of a miked speaker cabinet. - **Effects Loop:** The effects loop enables you to integrate external effects pedals and processors into your setup. - **Vintage Styling:** The amp boasts a cool vintage aesthetic that can add a touch of classic charm to your stage setup. The HT Club 40 offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to a wide range of guitarists' needs. Its combination of channel versatility, ISF technology, speaker emulated output, and vintage styling makes it a versatile and gig-ready amp for players seeking high-quality tube-driven tones for live performances.


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