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Guildford, NSW, Australia

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The Pumphouse Party Pack is a versatile and all-inclusive entertainment kit designed to transform any gathering into an unforgettable event. This pack is perfect for those looking to create a professional party atmosphere without the hassle of hiring multiple pieces of equipment. **Included Components:** 1. **Two EON Speakers**: Known for delivering clear and powerful sound, these speakers are ideal for any party environment. Whether you're hosting a sizeable outdoor event or an intimate indoor gathering, these speakers ensure top-notch audio delivery. 2. **Pioneer DJ Controller**: With options for both 4-channel and 2-channel mixing, this state-of-the-art controller caters to both novice and experienced DJs. It allows for seamless mixing of tracks, ensuring a continuous flow of music throughout your event. 3. **One Intelligent LED Light**: This high-energy LED lighting fixture offers a variety of patterns and colours, adding a dynamic visual element that syncs perfectly with the music. The light is capable of creating a wide range of atmospheres, from vibrant and energetic to subtle and romantic. 4. **Microphone and Necessary Cables**: A professional standard microphone is included for announcements, speeches, or interactive karaoke sessions, adding an engaging element to your party. Also, all essential cables are provided to ensure each component connects smoothly, offering hassle-free setup. **Dynamic and Engaging**: This party pack is engineered to deliver both exceptional sound and mesmerising visual effects. It is perfect for all types of events, from birthday parties to corporate functions, and is particularly effective in indoor settings where its controlled sound system and lighting can truly shine. **All-in-One Solution**: The Pumphouse Party Pack combines quality, convenience, and comprehensive coverage to ensure your event is a hit. It is designed for party organisers who demand professional-standard audio-visual performance without the complexity of separate equipment hire.




March 2023

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Guildford, NSW, Australia


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