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Hire 3 x Mushroom heaters with  3 x 9 kg gas bottles, hire Miscellaneous, near Bella Vista
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3 x Mushroom heaters with 3 x 9 kg gas bottles

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Bella Vista, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

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Weddings, Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties, 40th Birthday Parties


Bring warmth and comfort to any outdoor gathering with our set of three mushroom heaters, each accompanied by a 9 kg gas bottle. These elegant and efficient heaters are a perfect choice for enhancing the ambiance at various events, whether it be a sophisticated wedding, a lively child's party, a fun-filled adult gathering, or a serene senior party. Designed with practicality and convenience in mind, each heater features a compact and portable design that fits easily into a car, allowing for effortless transportation to and from your venue. The installation process is straightforward, ensuring that setting up these heaters is a breeze, allowing you to focus more on the enjoyment of your event. The heaters boast a robust build and a sleek design that not only delivers warmth but also serves as an attractive addition to any outdoor décor. The umbrella-like top spreads heat evenly, ensuring that your guests remain comfortable throughout the event, regardless of the chill in the air. Each unit comes equipped with a 9 kg gas bottle, providing a reliable and consistent source of heat. These heaters are an ideal choice for hosts aiming to create a warm, inviting outdoor space at any festivity. With their ability to ease the chill and lift the mood, your event is sure to be a memorable one. Enjoy the laughter and joy of your guests, comforted by the warmth provided by our premium mushroom heaters. Whether day or night, these heaters will contribute unmistakably to the success of your gathering, creating moments that everyone will cherish.


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