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Hire Full Straight Bar (3 Piece), 6 x Cocktail Tables, 6 x Cube Seats, 4 x Snake Seats, 2 x Small Ice Buckets, hire Party Packages, near Bella Vista
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Full Straight Bar (3 Piece), 6 x Cocktail Tables, 6 x Cube Seats, 4 x Snake Seats, 2 x Small Ice Buckets

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Bella Vista, NSW, Australia
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Weddings, Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties, 40th Birthday Parties


It looks like you've provided a list of event equipment and services again. Here's a breakdown of each item and term: 1. **Full Straight Bar (3 Piece):** This refers to a complete straight bar setup that consists of three individual pieces that can be arranged in a straight line. A full straight bar typically includes a counter space for serving drinks and a space for bartenders to work. 2. **6 x Cocktail Tables:** This means you have six cocktail tables available for use. Cocktail tables are smaller, taller tables often used at events for guests to place drinks and socialize around. 3. **6 x Cube Seats:** You have six cube seats available. Cube seats are compact and versatile seating options that can be used individually or arranged together to create seating areas. 4. **4 x Snake Seats:** You have four snake seats available. "Snake seats" might refer to seating with a curved or flexible shape that can be arranged in various configurations. 5. **2 x Small Ice Buckets:** You have two small ice buckets provided. These buckets are likely used to keep drinks cold by filling them with ice. 6. **Flexible Delivery:** Just like before, this means that the delivery of the items can be adjusted to accommodate your event's schedule and needs. 7. **Flexible Collection:** Similarly, "flexible collection" means that the items can be collected or returned at a time that's convenient for you. Overall, this list seems to indicate a more comprehensive event setup compared to the previous one. The items you've listed are commonly used in creating comfortable and functional event spaces, particularly for parties, gatherings, and other social events. The "flexible delivery" and "flexible collection" terms emphasize the provider's willingness to work with your event's logistics and timing.


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