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Hire Full Straight Bar (4 Piece), 8 x Cocktail Tables, 10 x Round Seats, 10 x Cube Seats, 8 x Snake Seats, 2 x Large Ice Buckets, hire Party Packages, near Bella Vista
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Full Straight Bar (4 Piece), 8 x Cocktail Tables, 10 x Round Seats, 10 x Cube Seats, 8 x Snake Seats, 2 x Large Ice Buckets



Bella Vista, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car
Fits in a CarShould fit in the back
Delivery unavailablePickup only
Setup Difficulty
Easy to setupSimple to setup
Great For
Great ForWeddings, Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties, 40th Birthday Parties


You've provided another list of event equipment and services. Here's a breakdown of each item, term, and additional information: 1. **Full Straight Bar (4 Piece):** This refers to a complete straight bar setup that consists of four individual pieces, allowing for a more extensive bar space. This setup typically includes a counter space for serving drinks and a working area for bartenders. 2. **8 x Cocktail Tables:** You have eight cocktail tables available for use. These are commonly used for guests to place drinks and socialize around. 3. **10 x Round Seats:** You have ten round seats available. Round seats could be chairs or stools designed for seating around tables. 4. **10 x Cube Seats:** You have ten cube seats available. Cube seats are versatile and compact seating options that can be used individually or grouped together. 5. **8 x Snake Seats:** You have eight snake seats available. As mentioned before, "snake seats" might refer to seating with a flexible or curved shape that can be arranged in different configurations. 6. **2 x Large Ice Buckets:** You have two large ice buckets provided. These buckets are likely used to keep drinks cold by filling them with ice. 7. **Flexible Delivery:** The provider is offering adaptable delivery options to align with your event's timing and logistics. 8. **Flexible Collection:** Similarly, "flexible collection" means that the items can be collected or returned at a time that's convenient for you. 9. **ALL PRICES ARE PLUS GST:** This indicates that the prices listed do not include the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which will be added to the total cost. 10. **$80.00 DELIVERY AND PICK UP:** The cost for both delivery and pick up of the items is $80.00. This list of event equipment continues to offer a comprehensive setup for creating comfortable and functional event spaces. The inclusion of prices, GST information, and delivery/pick-up costs provide clarity on the financial aspects of the rental arrangement. The "flexible delivery" and "flexible collection" terms emphasize the provider's commitment to accommodating your event's needs.