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Guildford, NSW, Australia

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The Pumphouse Party Speaker Pack is the ultimate audio solution for anyone looking to deliver superior sound quality at any event. This meticulously curated set brings together high-performance components that ensure your parties are memorable through crystal-clear sound reproduction. **Included Components:** 1. **2 EON Speakers**: These top-tier speakers are renowned for their robust output and clarity. The design is sleek and professional, making them not only aurally impressive but also visually appealing. 2. **2 Power Cables**: Essential for powering each speaker, these cables are durable and precisely measured to provide flexibility in speaker placement without creating unsightly tangles. 3. **Variety of Signal Cables**: The pack includes diverse connectors including XLR to XLR (3-pin), RCA, and 1/4″ Jack cables, offering versatile connections to accommodate different audio sources and devices. 4. **2 Speaker Stands**: Height-adjustable with a sturdy construction, these stands ensure optimal positioning of the speakers to enhance sound dispersion and cover larger areas efficiently. **Comprehensive Audio Setup:** Every component in the Pumphouse Party Speaker Pack works synchronously to provide a fully integrated audio experience. Whether it's for a small gathering or a large event, these speakers deliver consistent, high-quality sound across various settings. **Perfect for any Occasion:** Ideal for events such as weddings, corporate functions, outdoor festivals, and private parties, this speaker pack is designed to perform exceptionally in any environment. The versatility of the included cables ensures that no matter the setup, your audio needs are covered. **Professional Quality Assurance:** The choice of premium brand speakers ensures reliability and excellence in performance, reassuring you of a standout audio experience at your events. In summary, the Pumphouse Party Speaker Pack offers a professional, versatile, and high-quality audio solution for enhancing any event's atmosphere and ensuring a memorable auditory experience for all attendees. An indispensable asset for event organisers looking for dependable and impressive sound setups.




March 2023

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