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Morrina AV Audio Hire

Middle Swan, WA, Australia

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Ensure your event's sound is flawless with our professional-grade Graphic Equaliser, an essential piece of equipment for both live performances and studio settings. This high-performance unit features 31 bands of equalization, offering precise control over audio output which allows for optimal sound customisation. Whether you need to eliminate feedback, fine-tune room acoustics, or balance different audio elements, this graphic equaliser ensures superior sound clarity and detail. With its robust design and easy-to-use sliders, this equaliser provides both beginners and professionals with the capabilities necessary to manage sound like a pro. Each band allows for adjustments of +/- 12 dB, enabling significant modifications in sound texture and tone, which is particularly useful in venues with challenging acoustics. This device also offers both XLR and 1/4-inch TRS connectors, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio equipment. Its constant Q filtering provides precise bandwidth control with each slider adjustment, making it ideal for targeting specific frequencies without disturbing others. Ideal for applications ranging from concert halls and theatres to conference centres and nightclubs, this graphic equaliser helps in crafting perfect audio environments. By allowing for detailed adjustments, it assists in delivering clear, pitch-perfect sound tailored to each venue's characteristics. Whether you're managing a live concert, a corporate event, or a private function, integrating this Graphic Equaliser into your audio system will elevate the quality of your audio performance, ensuring that all attendees enjoy a top-tier auditory experience. Equip your event with our reliable and versatile Graphic Equaliser to achieve professional, crisp, and dynamic sound at every venue.


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Middle Swan, WA, Australia

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