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Dynamic Microphone | EV ND267A

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Claremont, WA, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

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Great For

Weddings, Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties, 40th Birthday Parties






This Dynamic Microphone, the EV ND267A, is designed to cater to a wide array of events, from intimate wedding ceremonies to vibrant parties for children, adults, and seniors alike. Its compact structure guarantees easy portability, making it a straightforward choice for transporting in a car. The setup process is simple, ensuring that event organisers can have the system up and running in no time. The microphone boasts a robust design coupled with an impressive dynamic range that captures every nuance of the human voice, making it ideal for speeches, announcements, or live music. Its high-sensitivity neodymium element is crafted to deliver powerful performance with minimal feedback, ensuring clarity and quality in sound production. The ND267A excels with its crisp frequency response, which is particularly effective in enhancing vocal performances, whether from soloists, small bands, or choirs. This makes the microphone not only versatile but also a dependable choice for ensuring that every spoken word and every note in a performance is conveyed with precision. Suitable for a variety of settings, its adaptability makes it the perfect addition to any event inventory, promising to meet the audio needs of a diverse range of functions. Whether amplifying a heartfelt speech at a wedding or energising a lively party atmosphere, this microphone stands as an uncomplicated, yet effective solution for your event audio requirements.


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Claremont, WA, Australia

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