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Hire Redback - 12 Chan, hire Party Lights, near Claremont
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Redback - 12 Chan



Claremont, WA, Australia
Fits in a Car
Fits in a CarShould fit in the back
Delivery unavailablePickup only
Setup Difficulty
Easy to setupSimple to setup
Great For
Great ForWeddings, Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties, 40th Birthday Parties


Colours Include
Colours Include


This dimmer unit has a MIDI control option which can allow for direct control from Music sequencer software, Keyboards or any other MIDI devices. Great for bands, DJ’s, Duo’s and other MI or show automation applications. 10A per channel. 6kA rated thermo-magnetic miniature circuit breaker (MCB). LSC’s proprietary Current Control Technology (CCT) protects all MCB’s from nuisance tripping due to cold lamp inrush currents. 100% Duty Cycle rated across all channels simultaneously at 25˚C ambient. DMX512A compatible with link thru connector and input termination switch. LED Phase and DMX indicators. Variety of output connector options available. Optional MIDI input. High density design allows for compact installation in racking and touring frames/cases. Very intuitive User Interface offering two modes of operation: Basic Mode provides: - DMX start address selection by channel or by bank (groups of 6 or 12 channels). - “Virtual faders” for manual control of channel outputs - Bar Graph LED display for each channel output - Store/Recall riggers scenes. - Recall six internal chases (with speed control). - MIDI control input by Note-On, Note-Off and velocity (only when option fitted) Advance Mode provides all the Basic Mode functions plus: - Full DMX512 softpatch - Six individual fade curves per channel - Advance Scene control with DMX snapshots and Fade Times - Programmable Min and Max levels per channel - Dimmer channel Test - Menu Language selection - Reset – system and total RDM enabled to remotely set/change DMX start address, patch, MIDI, curves, min and max levels, scenes, chases and channel levels. Single or Three Phase Operation.