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Wedding Lighting Pack

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Guildford, NSW, Australia

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Transform your wedding reception into a fairy-tale setting with our exclusive Wedding Lighting Pack. Specially curated to cast an enchanting glow and create magical, romantic atmospheres, this package ensures that your special day is nothing short of spectacular. The package features a range of high-quality lighting equipment, including four AVE LED Par 64B RGB LED Par Cans. These state-of-the-art lights offer superb colour control, allowing you to tailor the ambiance of your venue with myriad colours. Whether you desire a soft, gentle glow or vibrant, dynamic hues, these lights can be adjusted to fit the theme and style of your wedding. The LED technology not only delivers brilliant colours but is also energy-efficient and cool-running, ensuring the comfort of your guests throughout the celebration. In addition to the LED Par Cans, the package includes two Water Wave Effect Lights that cast a soothing, water-like pattern, mimicking the serene effects of flowing water. This unique feature adds a layer of tranquillity and elegance to your decor, perfect for a first dance under the "stars" or a peaceful background during dining. Every element of our Wedding Lighting Pack is designed to enhance your venue beautifully and practically. From the vivid colour palette of the LED par cans to the gentle undulations provided by the Water Wave Effect Lights, each piece works harmoniously to create a truly memorable atmosphere. Coordinate these lighting effects to complement all phases of your event—from welcoming guests with subtle, chromatic accents to building excitement with brighter, more vibrant colours as the celebration peaks. Indeed, the flexibility and quality of this lighting pack ensure that every wedding moment feels picture-perfect. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand affair, this lighting pack promises to illuminate your day splendidly.




March 2023

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