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Hire 48L of slushy mix (average 240 drinks), hire Slushie Machines, near Bella Vista
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48L of slushy mix (average 240 drinks)

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Bella Vista, NSW, Australia
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Fits on a Motorbike

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Weddings, Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties, 40th Birthday Parties


Certainly, let's break down the quantities you've provided for your slushy setup: - **Slushy Mix:** With 48 liters of slushy mix and an average of 240 drinks, you're calculating around 200 ml per drink, which is a common serving size for slushies. - **Cups and Straws:** Having 100 regular plastic cups and straws might be a bit limited for the number of drinks you've estimated. With 240 drinks, you should consider having more cups and straws available, especially in case some guests want refills or if cups get misplaced. For a setup like this, it might be beneficial to have at least 240 cups and straws to match the number of drinks you're planning to serve. This way, you can ensure that each guest can have a cup and straw for their slushy without the risk of running out. As with the previous suggestions, keep in mind the points about variety, presentation, chilling and refilling, cleanup, and any other aspects that are relevant to your event. Planning for contingencies and ensuring a smooth operation will help make your event a success.


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