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Hire Hartke 350Watt Head + Laney 4x10 Bass Rig, hire Speakers, near Busby
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Hartke 350Watt Head + Laney 4x10 Bass Rig

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Busby, NSW, Australia

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The combination of the Hartke HA3500 Bass Guitar Amplifier head and the Laney 4x10 Bass Quad speaker cabinet forms a powerful and versatile bass rig. Here's a breakdown of the specifications and features of both components: **Hartke HA3500 Bass Guitar Amplifier:** - **Power:** The Hartke HA3500 amplifier head delivers 350 Watts of power. - **Input Options:** It features both Active and Passive input options, accommodating different types of bass guitars. - **Preamp Tubes and Solid-State:** The amplifier utilizes a combination of preamp tubes and solid-state components for tone shaping and amplification. - **Compressor:** The built-in compressor helps control dynamics and sustain in your bass sound. - **10-Band EQ:** The 10-band EQ allows you to fine-tune your bass sound by adjusting the levels of ten specific frequency bands. - **Speaker Outputs:** The amplifier has two speaker outputs on 1/4" jacks, offering flexibility in connecting speaker cabinets. - **Effects Send-Return with Balance:** The effects send-return allows you to integrate external effects pedals or processors into your signal chain. The balance control adjusts the mix of dry and affected signal. - **DI Output:** The DI (Direct Injection) output allows you to send your bass signal directly to a mixing console or recording interface. - **Power Rating:** It delivers 240 watts into 8Ω and up to 350 watts into 4Ω, making it suitable for driving various speaker configurations. - **Rackable:** The amp is designed to be rack-mounted, which is convenient for integrating into a larger setup. **Laney 4x10 Bass Quad Speaker Cabinet:** - **Impedance and Power Handling:** The Laney 4x10 Bass Quad speaker cabinet has an impedance of 4Ω and is rated to handle 250 Watts of power. The combination of the Hartke HA3500 amplifier head with its tonal shaping features and ample power, along with the Laney 4x10 Bass Quad speaker cabinet known for its sonic punch and efficiency, creates a potent bass rig. The Hartke amp's compressor, EQ, and versatile connectivity options provide you with control over your bass tone, while the Laney speaker cabinet ensures that your bass sound is projected effectively. This setup is well-suited for bassists who require a powerful and adjustable bass rig for live performances, rehearsals, and studio recording. The combination of the head and cabinet offers a balanced mix of power, tonal control, and projection, allowing you to achieve a range of bass tones that suit various musical contexts.


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