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Hire Chiayo Stage Man Battery Powered Portable PA, hire Speakers, near Artarmon
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Chiayo Stage Man Battery Powered Portable PA

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Sydney Pahire

Artarmon, NSW, Australia

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The Chiayo Stage Man Battery Powered Portable PA system appears to be a versatile audio solution suited for various events like outdoor weddings and corporate functions. Here's a breakdown of the features and specifications you provided: 1. **Amplification and Capacity**: The Chiayo Stage Man is designed to accommodate events with up to 120 people. It's suitable for speech, solo performances, and music playback, making it adaptable for different event types. 2. **Power and Run Time**: The system delivers 120 watts of power, providing suitable sound coverage for medium-sized gatherings. With a rechargeable battery, it offers approximately 6 hours of run time, ensuring it can endure through extended events without frequent recharging. 3. **Wireless Microphones**: The system comes with 2 handheld wireless microphones, allowing speakers, presenters, or performers to move freely without being restricted by cables. This enhances flexibility and convenience. 4. **Extra Wireless Microphones**: Additional wireless microphones are available for purchase at $22 each, with a maximum of 4 additional microphones allowed. This is helpful for accommodating multiple speakers or performers during an event. 5. **Speaker Stand**: A speaker stand is included with the system. Elevating the speaker enhances sound projection and coverage, particularly in outdoor settings. 6. **iPod Cable**: An iPod cable is provided, enabling you to connect an iPod or similar device to play audio. This is valuable for playing background music or specific tracks as needed. 7. **Power Cable**: The package includes a power cable required for charging and operating the system. 8. **Max Quantity and Slave Speaker**: The maximum quantity available is 2 main units, along with the option to add 1 slave speaker. This setup can extend sound coverage for larger areas or audiences. 9. **Additional Information**: Customers are directed to the "portables page" for more comprehensive information about the Chiayo Stage Man Portable PA system and its features. This likely refers to a webpage where customers can find detailed specifications, usage instructions, and more. The Chiayo Stage Man Portable PA system seems to be a flexible and efficient choice for delivering audio support at outdoor weddings, corporate events, and similar gatherings. Its inclusion of wireless microphones, expandability with extra microphones, rechargeable battery, and option for adding a slave speaker make it a practical solution for events where clear and portable audio reinforcement is essential.


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