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Polished Aluminium Bar Table

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Chullora, NSW, Australia

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Elevate any event setting with our sleek and stylish Polished Aluminium Bar Table. Perfect for cocktail parties, corporate events, or sophisticated receptions, this table combines functionality with an aesthetic charm that is sure to impress your guests. Crafted with a high-quality aluminium, the table boasts a shiny, polished finish that adds a touch of glamour to any occasion. The surface is designed to resist spills and stains, ensuring it remains pristine throughout your event. Our Polished Aluminium Bar Table features a sturdy, sleek column rising from a solid base which provides excellent stability, even in bustling environments. This robust design measures 60cm in width and depth, with a height of 110cm, making it the ideal size for guests to gather around comfortably. The round tabletop is spacious enough to accommodate up to four stools, making it perfect for groups to enjoy drinks and conversation. The reflective surface not only captures light beautifully but also enhances the visual space of your venue, making your event appear larger and more inviting. This table's minimalistic yet modern design ensures it can easily blend with any décor theme, from contemporary to classic, without overpowering the setting. It is an exemplary choice for event organizers looking to create a memorable and functional space. Durable and designed for ease of use, this Polished Aluminium Bar Table is an indispensable addition to any event furniture collection, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests.


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