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Hire DJ Stage w/ legs, hire Tables, near Caringbah
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DJ Stage w/ legs



Caringbah, NSW, Australia

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Certainly, it seems like you're looking for a DJ Stage with legs, along with specific dimensions for the DJ deck and options for stage leg heights. Here's the breakdown of the information you've provided: - **DJ Deck Dimensions:** The DJ deck measures 2400mm in length and 600mm in width. This provides ample space for setting up DJ equipment and creating a performance area. - **Stage Legs:** The DJ stage comes with four stage legs. These legs can be fixed or wheeled, and you have options for different heights: 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, and 900mm. This allows you to customize the height of the stage according to your needs and preferences. This setup provides a flexible and customizable platform for DJs to perform on. The spacious DJ deck offers enough room for various equipment, and the option to choose different leg heights ensures that the stage can be set at a comfortable and suitable level. If you have any further specifications or questions about the DJ stage or any other topic, feel free to let me know!