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Illuminated Coffee Table

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Chullora, NSW, Australia

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Illuminate your event space with the sophistication and style of our Illuminated Coffee Table, a striking centrepiece that combines functionality with contemporary design. This coffee table stands at a height of 40cm, with a width and depth of 40cm and 60cm respectively, making it a charmingly compact yet spacious option for group gatherings. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, this table features a smooth, oval top, perfect for hosting drinks, snacks, or decorative items. The sleek, glossy finish not only enhances its appearance but also makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. One of the most captivating features of this coffee table is its integrated LED lighting system, which can be adjusted to a range of colours to match any theme or atmosphere. Whether set to a cool, serene blue to create a calming ambiance, or a vibrant red for a more energetic scene, the lighting adds a dynamic element that is sure to impress your guests. The design is battery-operated, providing you with the flexibility to place the table anywhere in your event space without worrying about power outlets. This feature is especially useful for outdoor settings or when configuring spaces where cables can be a trip hazard. Ideal for all types of events, from formal gatherings and weddings to casual get-togethers and corporate functions, this illuminated coffee table promises not only to serve a practical purpose but also to enhance the visual appeal of your event décor. Overall, this illuminated coffee table is a versatile, eye-catching furniture piece that is bound to become a talking point at your next event, providing both style and substance to any occasion.


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